6 years of experience

About Angela Arredondo

Hello World! I'm Angela!

I help busy moms look hot in a bikini WITHOUT dieting!

I typically help women:

1. Quit dieting and learn to eat how they want without sabotaging their results
2. Increase energy by five times so they can be the best mom for their kids
3. Decrease negative self-talk and become confident in themselves
4. Heal metabolism from years of dieting so they can burn hormonal belly fat
5. Heal their relationship with food and love the body they're in

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Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
Fitness Nutrition (NASM)

DSC00563.jpgI help women and busy moms fall in love with themselves again!

Feeling healthy, beautiful and confident goes so far beyond fitness. It takes changing your mindset, your thoughts, and your daily habits to truly love yourself. Fitness is only a small portion, which is why I call my business "Beyond Fitness."

If you're just looking for workout suggestions or healthy meal ideas, you can find an unlimited amount of it on YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.

But if you're looking for real support, accountability and a clear, direct system that fits your goals, your schedule, your lifestyle and your struggles, you need more than a workout plan.

I understand that not everyone's journey is the same, and not everyone's needs are the same. Because of this, I have several different options to help you feel confident and beautiful in your body!