Ana D.

"First of all, I love Angela!
She is well educated, sweet, caring, fit, and for sure mommy goals! 
I signed up for one of her challenges in January and learned so much. 

-Through the trainerize app, you get to connect with other lovely and motivational people who also joined the challenge. You will be asked to post what you eat and drink (besides water).
-During the time I did this challenge, Angela posted a plethora of inspirational videos, nutritional fact sheets, friendly updates on other health related information/videos, tips and or suggestions on anything we may have questions or are struggling with.
-There is also an option to privately message her if you don't want to ask in the group chat.  
-The app also let's you see your progress (progress photos, completed workouts, current weight, and completed cardio)
-There is an option to choose "at home workouts" or "at gym workouts" (it's convenient how you can workout at your own pace or wherever you'd like) You follow what it tells you to do and it also includes videos for those visual learners! After completion, Angela and the group chat will be notified that you have completed the workout. 

Phone calls:
Not only does she connect with us through the app, she also takes the time to call you every week to check up on how you are doing. We talk about goals, challenges and how to overcome those challenges, the future, healthy lifestyles, having better habits, making time/planning, and of course usually end up talking about our littles . Overall, she keeps us updated and checks on our well-being. I love this part of the program! As the person below me said "she goes beyond fitness". She really does. 

Her challenges help you become a better person physically, mentally, cognitively, and spiritually. I felt great after the month challenge and took every little information with me. 
With the program, I did lose weight and saw and felt physical changes in my body which I am happy with.

I signed up for her June challenge as well and I am ecstatic to see what she has in store for us this time."

Deidre G.

"If any of you guys are in a situation where you want to learn more about exercising and nutrition or even how to properly exercise so that it’s effective and safe so you don’t cause any injuries, then you need to contact Angela Floyd! Working with her has been nothing but great. She’s incredibly encouraging and helps keep you motivated. Not only that, but she really teaches you so that you can eventually do it on your own. Even with meal planning, she’ll teach you so that you feel like you’re eating normally and not starving yourself. One of my favorite things is that her main goal, when working with you, is to properly educate you in a healthy lifestyle so that you can continue on your own. All you need to bring is your motivation. πŸ˜‰ [...] I just wanted to share how amazing Angela is at what she does! I just appreciate her working with my lazy butt and keeping me going still! ☺️ Also, don’t be afraid to contact her! She’s super flexible and can definitely work with you and what ever situation you’re in. πŸ€“"

Melissa M.

"Angela has an eagle's eye and has strategically designed me a personal plan to achieve my goals of hiking Machu Picchu this summer. I have worked with various personal trainers in the past who seemed to push me to complete my sets rather than performing them in proper form. Angela knows how critical form is and she is the very first trainer to notice I have a weak posterior chain. With that, she immediately recommended exercise bands to activate my posterior chain before starting my workouts. I am now feeling it exactly where I need to get me up and through those mountains! She assesses me monthly and I am seeing strength improvement all over my body. I'm thankful we crossed paths and cherish each workout with her! I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to work for it!"

Geneva L.

"I absolutely love Angela and her online training! It keeps me motivated and tells me exactly what exercises to do and how to do it! My struggle was always not knowing what to do and how much of it to do and the app definitely keeps me on point and on track! Angela is also always there if I ever have a question or need anything she is super sweet and definitely an awesome trainer and knows what she’s doing! I have only been doing the training with her for a few weeks and already see results in my legs and am in love with them! I definitely recommend her services!"

Aubrey H.

"I absolutely LOVE Angela's training. Her attitude and constant encouragement leaves you feeling reassured and confident each week. Coming from someone who had her as a personal trainer for months, she is the real deal. She goes over healthy nutrition, and allows you to still eat some of the foods you love. She doesn't embark on diets, but rather transforming into a healthier lifestyle (A++++ for that.) Her workouts are challenging, but they WORK. Before I had joined her online programming, I was stuck in a plateau. After signing up, I started losing weight after the first week and building muscle. She is very knowledgeable with health and does not set unrealistic expectations of you to abide by. I recommend her to everyone!"

Sonia M.

"I just want to thank you again for helping me do this lil journey. And giving me that confidence that I can do it for my overall wellness and health. I'm still learning alot and thanks for actually caring!!!!"

Deanna D.

"I have not personally done an online program, but I do personally meet with her 3 days a week and she really is amazing! She has managed to pull some confidence out of me that I didn’t know I had, got me started on my lifestyle change and has taught me so much about not only my body- but also myself! If you’re around me in my personal life- you know just the changes I’m talking about!!"